Because elegant shoes have a construction that ensures their lifespan and maintains their impeccable appearance for as long as possible, they can be easily uncomfortable at first wear.

Since we want Loake shoes to be a pleasure, we advise you that for the first 3-5 wears, during which the shoe takes the shape of the foot and molds to it, not to walk long distances and not to exceed 8-10 hours. constant wear.

If, however, you consider that the adjustment process is too long or after 3-5 wearing shoes they tend to remain slightly uncomfortable, the Loake team is at your disposal with technical support to transform your Loake shoes into the most comfortable shoes you have. .

All you have to do is fill out the form this and send it to the address A courier will pick up the shoes accompanied by the above-mentioned form from you and will direct them to a specialized workshop. The shoes will be returned to you by courier within a maximum of 14 days.

If the discomfort persists, the process can be repeated, but without exceeding 3 stages of stretching / forming the shoes.


If the process is repeated 3 times and the discomfort persists, the shoes can be replaced, on request and based on an analysis of a Loake counselor, with a pair of shoes that have a low discomfort rate, chosen by the Loake counselor. To benefit from this system please fill in the form this and send it to the address

These services are available only for online purchases on the e-shop. You can read more information about the terms and conditions under which you can benefit from these services here.