Maintenance Kit

210 lei

Price valid exclusively for online orders

The maintenance kit includes black wax and clear wax, two brushes, a shoe warmer and a dusting cloth.
The kit contains everything you need to take care of your shoes, especially during a trip.

- Black wax and transparent wax
- Two brushes
- A shoemaker
- Dust removal cloth

If you are wondering what size to choose, always opt for a tight fit on the foot, because natural skin stretches over time. Here is the shoe size conversion system. Loake shoes are built on the UK measurement chart, being described in the table below with UK standard.

Some details about the shoe

The shoe is the mix between the shape of the shoe and the width of the sole and represents the unique shape of each shoe. The wider the foot, the greater the volume inside the shoe. With Loake, a brand famous for its variety of models and shoes, it is easy to find shoes built on the right shoe for you.

Our suggestion is to choose a shoe built on a slightly tighter shoe, letting its skin adapt to your foot, because natural leather stretches over time.

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