Loake shoes, boots and moccasins are products made exclusively of high quality natural leather. The leather of the upper section of the shoe comes almost entirely from Europe - mainly from Italy, France and Spain.

Europe has the best climate for raising cattle, which is why it produces the highest quality leather. Although significant amounts of leather are produced in South America and other areas, their quality is usually not high enough for our production needs. Most of the leather for the upper part of our shoes is tanned with chrome. This gives it the water resistance, durability and flexibility needed to adapt to the shape of the shoe.

The lining leather used by Loake usually comes from calves in India. This leather is soft and very suitable for use inside the shoe, which must provide comfort. Most of the leather for the lining is vegetable tanned or partially with chromium (with a plant concentration higher than that of chromium). This makes the skin more porous and allows it to absorb natural perspiration during the day and then eliminate it.

The leather for making the sole is generally of European origin and is vegetable tanned. This produces a solid, abrasion-resistant appearance. The skin is compressed to obtain a density of fibers, which intensifies the resistance to wear.