A pair of quality shoes, made of natural calfskin through a Goodyear sewing process, can successfully wear you for a very long time. Some properly cared for Loake Shoemakers have been worn for up to 40 years.

Shoes should be stored on solid wood cedar breasts, this being a porous wood that extracts moisture from the shoe and restores the shoe to its original shape. We advise you to use the shoe in each shoe so as not to deform the part of the shoe that covers the heel area. Such deformities generate uncontrolled movement of the heel and can create discomfort. We recommend that you take off the laces generously when taking off your shoes so that the shoe comes off the foot easily and it is not necessary to use force. 
Between rounds of wear, leave at least 24 hours for the skin fibers to relax and Loake shoes to regain their shape. If you wore them in the rain or snow, let them dry naturally and not near a heat source. Sudden evaporation of water will dehydrate the skin above normal and the texture may crack. To ensure a suitable drying, put the cedar breasts in the shoes only the next day (they will absorb any traces of water inside) and store them lying on one side so that the water that evaporates does not pass through the insole, but comes out directly. this sole.
Shoes with leather soles are not worn in the snow. After each behavior, we advise you to brush them with dust. If you are not going to wear them for a long time (change of season), we recommend that you store them on your breasts and apply a thin layer of moisturizer before storing them. The skin dehydrates naturally and if it is not cared for properly, accelerated wear will occur. 
As the soles of the shoes thin and crack, Goodyear Welted Loake Shoemakers can be sent to the factory to have their soles replaced and the skin restored. This procedure takes place depending on the number of steps, the storage conditions, the care and the mode of wearing, somewhere between 200 and 500 wearing. This procedure can be repeated practically indefinitely if it is intervened in time and they are not worn until the sole is perforated.