4 qualities of boots that make a successful team with the business suit

Winter still makes its presence felt, so it's a good time to add a new pair of boots to the collection. Although the temptation to choose sports models in the area of ​​hiking or trekking is great for their obvious qualities, business people are struck by their aesthetic rigidity when it comes to wearing them.

A perfect pair of boots must meet a series of criteria related to grip, weight, comfort, but also on the aesthetic side, in order to comply 100% with all the needs of the wearer. At a first search, the offer of boots in the first category exceeds in variety the offer of suit boots but, with the help of SARTO consultants, identifying that pair that will accompany you at all meetings, meetings and professional events for many years from the time of purchase, becomes an easy mission.

Fortunately, from the SARTO showroom you can leave not only with the bespoke suit, customized down to the smallest detail, but also with Loake Shoemakers boots, originating from Kettering, Northamptonshire, a region famous for its long tradition among English shoe manufacturers. . Since its inauguration in 1880, most Loake products have been made in the Wood Street factory, Kettering, which is still run as a family business - a business model recognized for the outstanding qualities of all products and services approached in this way. At the heart of every pair is the quality and experience of all the shoes and boots made over time - over 50 million pairs so far.

Each pair of Loake Goodyear Welted shoes is processed by up to 130 talented craftsmen. Around 75 components and 200 different operations are involved to achieve this, which is why the process takes about 2 months.

Despite the apparent rigidity perceived at first glance (as in the case of any elegant shoe), a pair of high quality boots is the best investment that can be made by a man who works in a field that requires the dress code business. The first step is to choose the color that best suits most of the costumes in the collection, without ignoring the ticking of the attributes that guarantee the highest quality standards. There are four such essential attributes, which we will detail below:

1. Top materials
It would be a considerable waste of energy to have a cheap leather base at the base of a pair of quality boots. The fastest way a pair of quality boots can be identified is the very leather from which the boots are made. Quality leather has subtle creases and is often hand-polished - in which case the uneven shade is a testament to its value. Loake Shoemakes boots are made of granular or polished leather, of the highest quality - a fact proven by thermal comfort and durability, if properly cared for.

2. Goodyear-Welting suture
The Goodyear Welting suture is considered the best method of making shoes and offers the best balance between water resistance, the ability to "breathe" the foot, durability and comfort. The shoes made by this method look extremely good, but they are also suitable for the health of the foot. Goodyear Welted boots are also very versatile and can look just as good in formal or casual settings. For example, a pair of derby boots can be worn with a business-style suit or jeans.

3. Functionality
Boots mean more than covering the foot above the ankle. Quality boots come with soles adapted for winter travel. For example, among the Loake Shoemakers boots, the Victory rubber sole predominates, special for improved grip and resistance over time. At the same time, there is the option of fur boots, so that the foot is protected from the low temperatures of the cold season.

4. Detailed information
It may seem like a minor or marketing detail, but the amount of information provided about a product is a criterion of quality in the case of top boots. The more information is provided, the more obvious is the expertise of the manufacturer (and implicitly of the seller) - which leaves no room for suspicion about the quality of the product. A reputable boot brand provides the buyer with details on how it is made, where it is made and what materials are the basis of it.
To choose that perfect pair of boots, specialists recommend visiting a specialized showroom, such as SARTO, where consultants are prepared to provide other relevant information to form that chemistry between the buyer and his new pair of boots (type of sole, shape shoe size, shoe size, etc.)

For every interaction with Loake Shoemakers to be a pleasant one, the products can be discovered in the SARTO showroom together with all the details that add value to the entire experience of purchasing a perfect pair of boots, directly from specialists.